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With your help, the University of Kentucky can be a leader in creating more affordable and more engaging learning experiences for students of all disciplines. The University of Kentucky Libraries Alternative Textbook Grant Program, which enables faculty to replace costly commercial textbooks with affordable, adaptable, and open-source learning materials, has already benefited over 4,000 students and netted approximately $665,000 in cumulative savings. With just 6 percent of college campuses adopting similar programs so far, this is an area with tremendous potential for growth that will have broad and lasting impacts on the affordability of education and the success of our students. Help us help Kentucky lead the way towards a more sustainable and rewarding future.


Our goal is $10,000. Every $10 contributed can save a student up to $150 on textbooks.

UK Libraries Donor Map
Rank State Donors
1 KY 41
2 CA 1
2 IN 1
UK Libraries Matching Gift
Dr. J. Wesley Johnson (AS ’56) Dr. Bill Maksymowicz (AG ’73) have generously provided a $2,000 match to UK Libraries Alternative Textbook Fund. Make your gift and double the impact!
$2,000 MATCHED
First Gift
Congratulations Graduate School! The Graduate School received the first gift after midnight on April 17th from an anonymous donor.
Early Bird
Congratulations UK CAER! UK CAER won the Early Bird Challenge with a post from @markfisk
Big Blue Outfit
Big Blue Nation, congratulate @bluemargo for being the winner of the Big Blue Outfit Challenge! By showing your UK spirit, you won and extra $250 to the @ukathletics Fund.
First-time Donor #1
We love seeing so many supporters giving their first-ever gift to UK today for #OneDayforUK! Congratulations to the winner of the first round of our First-Time Donor Challenge, David Kaiser! He gave to the College of Fine Arts, so they will receive an extra $500 today! Stay tuned for more challenges through midnight.
Lunch Break On-campus
Thanks for stopping by the Gatton Student Center this afternoon to vote for your cause! With over 200 votes, @KCHKids won an additional $500 from our Lunch Break On-Campus Challenge.
Lunch Break Off-campus
Thanks for voting for your cause by commenting on our Lunch Break Off-Campus Challenge posts! Congratulations to the UK College of Fine Arts who received the most votes and will receive an additional $500 for #OneDayforUK.
Bleed Blue Challenge
Congrats @joeymattingly! Your #bleedbluechallenge post has been selected as our winner! @UK_COP and @UKGattonCollege will each receive $125 in challenge funds for #OneDayforUK!
First-time Donor #2
It's a great day to be a first-time donor to UK. Congratulations to the winner of the second round of our First-Time Donor Challenge, Angela Reiter! She gave to the UK College of Communication and Information, so they will receive an extra $500 today! Challenges keep running through midnight, so be sure to stay online until the end of #OneDayforUK.
Kentucky Kids and Critters
Congrats @kentuckyjulie! Your Calico Wildcat has been selected as our winner for the Kentucky Kids and Critters Challenge! @UKarts_sciences will receive an extra $275 for #OneDayforUK!
Shoutout Challenge
Congrats @JohannaMHoch! Thanks for participating in our Shoutout Challenge--your post is the winner and has earned @ukchs an extra $300 for #OneDayforUK!
First-time Donor #3
For our final round of the First-Time Donor Challenge, we celebrate a gift made by Joanna Gibbs! University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy will receive $500 in #OneDayforUK challenge funds thanks to your gift!
UK Celebrity
And the UK Celebrity Challenge winner is @baileyanne2223! An extra $250 will go to @UKIntCenter. Thanks for sharing your photos with us! #OneDayforUK
No Sleep Zone
We have one final challenge winner to announce! Congrats to @magnesd! Because you gave during the last hour of #OneDayforUK, @uk_ci will receive an additional $500 of challenge funds. Thank you!
Faculty/Staff Challenge
When faculty and staff members at UK make 154 gifts--in honor of the number of years since UK's founding in 1865--$1,000 will be unlocked for the CRISIS Employee Assistance Fund.
154 / 154 Gifts
Parent and Family Challenge
UK Parents, Jay and Colleen Shekelton, are challenging other UK parents to make 154 gifts on #OneDayforUK, in honor of the number of years since UK's founding in 1865. When this happens, $5,000 will be unlocked for the Parents Philanthropy Fund.
154 / 154 Gifts
1865th Gift
The donor who makes the 1865th gift of the day--in honor of the year of the university's founding--will have an extra $1,865 given to the college or cause of their gift.
1,865 / 1,865 Gifts
Furthest Gift from Lexington
Gifts to #OneDayforUK came from all over the country and the world! The farthest gift from Lexington came in from an anonymous donor in China. Thank you for your support--your gift will go even further with an additional $500 to the Graduate School!
Small Units Leaderboard
Check back throughout the day to see which small college or program has received the most gifts for our first #OneDayForUK Giving Day!
Rank Prize Fund Designation Gifts
1 $3,000 Fund for Lifelong Learning 82
2 $1,500 Alternative Textbook Grant Program Fund 71
3 $500 Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute Discretionary Fund 39
4 College of Nursing New Opportunity Fund 34
5 Health Sciences Academic Fund for Excellence 28
6 Bilal Ibn Scholarship Fund 28
7 Big Blue Pantry Gift Fund 24
8 College of Dentistry Scholarship Fund 23
9 Martin School Scholarship Fund 23
10 Lewis Honors College Excellence Fund 22
11 James P. Gray II Art Appreciation Travel Fund 22
12 CRISIS Program Gift Fund 22
13 Graduate Student Success Fund 22
14 Basic Needs and Persistence Fund 19
15 Paul Parker Fund for Post Graduate Support 17
16 Barnstable-Brown Diabetes Center Gift Fund 15
17 Social Work Advancement Fund 15
18 Alzheimer's Disease Research Fund 14
19 College of Design Annual Fund 12
20 Ann Hanley Fund For Parkinson’s Research 12
21 Patterson School Intern Research Fellowship Fund 11
22 LGBTQ Scholarship Gift Fund 10
23 UK LEADS Annual Giving Fund 8
24 College of Public Health Scholarship Fund 7
25 Lee T. Todd, Jr. Student Innovation Fund 7
26 International Education Fund 6
27 Women and Philanthropy Fund 5
28 VPID Diversity Development Fund 3
29 First Generation Gift Fund 2
30 Collegiate Recovery Scholarship Fund 1
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