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The Graduate Student Congress is the only organization at the University of Kentucky devoted to the interpersonal and professional development needs of all graduate/professional students and postdocs. The congress' Graduate/Professional Student Success Fund advances this mission by providing funding for exceptional students to both conduct meaningful research and to travel to conferences to present their research through the Research and Travel Awards program.


The travel funding provided through the  are unrestricted, which means that they can be used to pay for expenses not typically covered by university or conference travel funding. As such, past travel funding recipients have used their funding to pay for everything from the cost of purchasing professional attire for a conference to child support while they attended a conference. 


This One Day For UK, our goal is to raise support for 10 additional travel awards. Each travel award is granted in the amount of $300 to a graduate/professional student seeking to enrich and further their education through opportunities both domestic and international. Help us reach our goal of $3000—that is 10 additional graduate/professional students able to enrich their studies through opportunities beyond the Commonwealth.


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