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Scholarship: the highest form of giving


Rising tuition costs are a reality for our learners. As a result, scholarships are often the difference between students completing their medical education, and even practicing long-term in Kentucky. Without this support, it is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain the best and brightest students.


The UK College of Medicine has identified scholarship support as a priority and is dedicated to the procurement of these funds moving forward. Our students understand that without your help, their education, their dreams of practicing medicine in Kentucky, their impact on the health of Kentuckians may not be possible. We know that those students who benefit from private scholarships tell stories of impact on their lives far beyond the financial assistance. You leave a legacy.


I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship. I would like to say thank you to the donor, as well as the donor's family for their generosity. For several years I have been focused on becoming a physician to serve the state of Kentucky. This scholarship contributes to a great amount of financial relief and, more importantly, will allow me to spend more time and effort focusing on becoming the best physician I can be for Kentucky. I am very excited about beginning medical school at the University of Kentucky-Northern Kentucky Campus, and I will always be appreciative for the generous donations that contribute to scholarships such as the one I received. Once again, this scholarship opens up many opportunities for future success in medical school, and I am very grateful to receive this scholarship, thank you.   


-- Kenny Spear – Class of 2023 (Somerset)

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