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First-generation students are one of the largest populations entering college with sub-categories of low-income, foster care,non-traditional, etc., coming with minimal cultural capital. Furthermore, many are unable to afford some of the basic necessities to meet the minimum academic expectations of college such as books, housing during breaks, and health insurance. We would like to provide a resource to meet these needs as they arise so that they do not miss opportunities or lag behind due to no fault of their own such as childcare, glasses, housing, food, and other basics. Lack of these basic needs create barriers to the students' concentration of content due to their concern over meeting their basic needs.


As students matriculate, many need higher degrees to progress further and lack cultural capital for navigating the academic system of graduate and professional school. This grant, through the SSS office, would provide first-generation students the opportunities, both financial and experiential, that are necessary for their continued academic growth and well- being.Much like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory it is not the 100% of satisfying the need but it is the satiating it enough so that the student is able to concentrate and move forward to the next set of goals or needs.   However, growth needs continue to be felt and may even become stronger once they have been engaged (McLeod, 2018).  By meeting these needs such as housing, books, insurance, and professional development the students will be able to concentrate and develop both academically and personally towards their goals. This will benefit students and the university by increasing retention &graduation rates.

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